The March of the Tortoises & The Snail Palace

Written by: Narges Tatari

Translated by: Arash Khoshsafa

Illustrated by: Kiana Mirzaei

British Library Cataloguing Publication Data:
A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library | ISBN: 978-1-914165-55-9

First Edition. 36 pages
Printed in the United Kingdom, Winter 2021

The March of the Tortoises & The Snail Palace

  • Narges Tatari is a young, Iranian writer whose passionate enthusiasm, creative imagination and her sincere love towards children have played a significant role in her promising career as a children’s writer. Tatari has been actively cooperating with the only modern children’s literature magazine, Aroosak-e-Sokhangoo (Speaking Doll) for the last two years and has published some brilliant short stories in Persian there. Besides, her short story “The Address” won the first prize for 2020 photo-story of the well-known Iranian short story magazine Hamshahri Dastan. Tatari currently lives in Saveh in Iran and teaches at local schools there.  

  • The March of the Tortoises & The Snail Palace is a short collection of two children’s stories by Narges Tatari, the young, promising writer from Iran, which explores the curious minds of their playful protagonists through their wonderful world of colour, joy and the glory of animals around us. Both stories in this book revolve around the way young children imagine their environment, ask interesting questions and never fear new experiences and they both take their readers to all these exciting worlds of adventure.   



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